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Click on a photo for more info. Call or text 782-777-1214 between 7 am-6 pm Monday-Saturday to arrange for pick-up. Primary pick up location is New Waterford. Seedlings will also have a Sydney pick-up location (TBA). To be notified when new items become available, or leave a question or comment, please fill out this contact form.

Want to start a vegetable garden but don't know where to start? Our Grow @ Home Raised Bed Starter Kit includes everything you need to start growing food in your front or backyard!

Designing your vegetable garden can be confusing and overwhelming. Let us help you design your vegetable garden! Our Summer Garden Kit includes seeds, seedlings (i.e., transplants), and instructions on how and where to plant everything. Town Farm Co-op members receive a $10 discount on seedling kits.

We sell vegetable, herb, and flower seedlings (a.k.a., tranplants) specifically geared for our Cape Breton growing climate. Our seedlings also grow well in small spaces, in containers, or anywhere in your garden! All seedlings are grown from locally-sourced, open-pollinated seeds. We grow heritage varities not found at most local garden centres or grocery stores.

SCOBY for starting your own batch of kombucha. One small SCOBY comes in a jar with liquid starter (booch). I'll also give you instructions on how to make this healthful, pop-like, fizzy tea!

A lightly garlicky pesto made from garlic scapes (the flower of the garlic plant). Scapes grown naturally in New Waterford.