Egg Inside an Egg!

On Wednesday, March 1, 2017 (Ash Wednesday--the beginning of Lent!) something egg-straordinary happened. My speckled Sussex hen, Percy, laid a GIANT egg. We all thought it was a double-yolker but it turned out to be a double-egger! An egg inside an egg. Apparently it's a super rare occurrence: 1 in 1000, once every 7 years, once in a lifetime kinda thing.

You can watch a video of me cracking it open here.

Our local newspaper, The Cape Breton Post, thought this was quite an egg-ceptional story, too! Front page news!

Some photos of the mythic, magic egg, below, as well as a picture of me holding Percy, my hero hen (with bonus Maddie!). We ate the egg(s) with some leeks and onions I pulled from the garden.